Meet the adventurers

The Original Cast:

  • The two tall twiggy things with purple leaves. They long to be in California, so air-conditioned next to a window in Texas is the best we are able to do for them for now.
  • The two short leafy things. They’re growing a lot, possibly too much for their own good…
  • 11 teeny tiny cacti. They rooted once in the big pot, but now have had to be ripped up an replanted. Standing guard around a pink stone sacred to their order,  every action they take (mainly growing) is in the effort of increasing their protection of this rock.
  • The little sprout thing. It came off of someone’s favorite plant, but it died.


  • A bromeliad. O’ Big red flower, share with us your secrets of magic, wisdom, and low apartment rental rates!
  • The bigger cactus. It’s sharp! It’s green! It’s leaning a bit toward the window! It’s a red-something cactus!
  • Argyroderma. No, I do not know how to pronounce it, but it looks really really epic. Deal with it.
  • The second little sprout thing. It came off of someone else’s plant (which looked remarkably similar to the first) and has actually done something other than die.

From the Big Red Barn

  • Spiny warrior cactus. From the harshest slums of west Africa, this toughened plant has spines long enough to stab people without even seeing them. A pretty easy feat considering it doesn’t have eyes.
  • Jack and Diane. Two little sprout things that area exactly the same size and are growing pretty well already.

I will hazard a guess that if you are reading this, you are new to the world and could possibly want a link to the beginning.


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