Fates decided

The planets had a council this past morning. A critical evaluation was taken of every sick and injured plant to evaluate their condition. After the recent freezes, cloudy weather, and rampant watering, many of the cacti and succulents are in critical condition, but are holistically on the path to recovery. Only one, the Argyroderma was pronounced too harmed to continue life, and was put out of her misery. The other plants, the two tall twiggy things in particular, are looking much better. The less developed twiggy purple thing sprouted quite a bit in the manners of leaves, as well as above ground roots. The bromeliad has been focusing much of his healing powers on these two plants, as they are the worst off of the orange pot family.

photo 1

The healing stalky purple plants


and all that is left of our dear friend the Argyroderma. She will be put out of her misery soon.


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