Saved from the rain

It seems this is the third or forth time recently that I have charged out in the middle of the rain to go rescue my plants from the impending frost / flood / invasion. This most recent rescue results from the plant’s utter inability to think watch the news and see that the weather is going to be taking a turn for the worst. Indeed, they waste all their time listening to NPR and other wastes of time, because what good is it being informed about the world worlds away when you are so utterly ignorant about the world you are in. How do they listen to NPR do you ask? Simple. The bromeliad simply catches it on his long leaves. They collect information about presidential races as well as water.

Some pictures proceeding the rescue.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 photo 3-1

The plants adventures will be retold in the following post. Stay tuned my friends.


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