A trip to red barn

So I was on a visit to a really cool gardening place and happened to wander by a cactus of astonishing value. Though slight in size, he is yet, even at his light age, a fierce warrior. A sure added value to the quest against the squirrels once the outdoor season starts up again, this feisty little fellow is sure to leave any would be squirrel bleeding from more parts of its body than it can count. We are assuming for this scenario that squirrels can count to around four. His barbaric nature might not cohere well with the other, more modest, cacti, and certainly not well with the succulents.


What is that you ask? TWO NEW SPROUT THINGS IN THE POT WITH THE ARGYRODREMA???? why yes, yes it is.

Also obtained from a long excursion, these two little fellers fall under the same category as the other sprouty things, that is, they are sprouts. We will see about their opinions on public affairs, as well as potting mixtures, as they mature.


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