Busy times, busy plants

And less action on the cacti! The other plants have been growing and stuff too. I will however inform the intellectual internet reader that the bromeliad now has two apprentices, and will soon need a pot change to facilitate the continued eduction of his younglings. Along the same train of thought, the sprouty sprout has begun to look like an actual plant! It has three little sprout things with leaves and stems all the other good things little plants should have appended to them. The littlest sprouts however are quickly learning their place in the world, and, overshadowed by their eldest daughter (I have made the executive decision that this asexual plant is a she) who is casting them all in a perpetual shade, will soon die, leaving the world a better place for her. Once they are well established, they too will need a pot transplant.

Little sprouts sprouting sproutily

I am beginning to think along the lines of these more serious gardener types who have a few large pots that can stand to have a few things grow in them at once. I have previously strayed away from them because one of these larger pots cost $$$ and the littler ones cost $, but now having to buy five $ seems less smart than one $$$. We will see what happens. This blog after all is The Big Orange Pot, not The Five Little Orange Pots.


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