First day on the battlefield

After a full twenty four hours in the cold bright world, the succulents are faring well. The bigger red cactus is doing fine, as it has the previous couple excursions, due to the vast number of spikes it has to decapitate would be attacking squirrels. The ten teeny tinny cacti are doing fantastic, quite a turn around from the previous adventure’s end in utter disaster. Both cacti are enthusiastic about their fortunes and have opted to stay out for another night. But the day did not go so well for all in the party. The Argyroderma has suffered from a bite on the back side of one of its upper leaves. Without spikes and thorns to protect it, the little rock has lost heart and has retreated back to the windowsill. The twin big green leafy plants are trying with all their might to persuade the little adventurer to return to the line of battle, but such far are having little luck. It seems at this point that only encouragement from the illustrious Bromeliad itself would have the weight to convince the Argyroderma to return to the front, encouragement that is so far not forthcoming. The Bromeliad it would appear has different plans…

Plants after day outside

The party after the first twenty four hours outside, armed with sriracha death spray.


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