Armed to the teeth

Not willing to give in, the succulents have returned to the field. After a week of cold, wet, and dark weather, all the plants look pretty much exactly the same as they did before. Anxious to be grow up into the world, they are arming themselves against the mighty force of the squirrels’ army. Coated with a sriracha mist of death, they are willing to try to face the stampede, no matter how many the force sends their way. Armed to the teeth, they are ready to face the cold bright world.

Death Spray

I told myself when I started my blog that I should give some instructions on how to garden, and so far I have been a bit light (meaning none at all) on this topic. So, now I will explain the idea behind death spray.

  1. Find empty spray bottle
  2. Fill it with a little water
  3. Pour in some vinegar
  4. Dump in someĀ sriracha
  5. Spray plants
  6. Avoid breathing in deathly fumes
  7. Place plant outside
  8. ???
  9. Watch and laugh as squirrels try to eat your plants and run away in extreme pain

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