Today is a good day. The sprout has not only not died, it has grown. You might be wondering why I find this a wonder, and I will tell you. The last one I had? It died. The last one a friend of mine had? It died. The last six a friend of mine had? THEY ALL DIED. I am quite excited to watch the growth of this little sprout. It is developing the leaf formations akin to those of its grown brothers, the symmetrical leaf sprout central spiral thing. I do not really know what is going to happen to this huge leaf that it is currently sprouting off of right now though, because it sure is not going to grow at the same pace of the rest of the sprout, and I don’t think it is going to look this awkward for very long. I will keep the wider world of the internet informed as to the happenings in the days to come.

Sprout's new sprout

Also, I broke out the nice camera for this picture because my iPhone couldn’t capture the small leafs. While I had it out, I took some other nice pictures. Those will come soon.


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