11 falls to 10

The 11 teeny tinny cacti now have one dead among their number. The recent government shutdown caused an inability to deliver the sunlight in the early mornings the past few days (thick fog, a sign of the government taxation) in the critical hours where the sun is most direct on the plants in the window. Strong and forgiving as cacti are, the 10 refuse to blame their problems on the dysfunctional government and instead state that their own inability to manage indoor climates should have long been known and expressed, and now have requested the remaining family be sent on an outdoor hiatus. The governing body (myself) has agreed to this on the principle that cactuses are less likely to be attacked by squirrels than the tall purple stalky things. That and the fact that they are cacti. They are meant for Texas heat, not Texas air conditioning. The Argyroderma, though technically a cactus sort-of-not-really-I’m-not-sure, I am keeping inside as it does not have sharp death sticks to kill the squirrels.

Outgoing cacti

11 fall to 10

*The dead one is the one that is in the top in this picture. The green bit of the cactus vanished and the spikes stayed there…


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