Sprouts on sprout look suspiciously like rocks

While there is much jubilation among the closely bonded group of adventurers that the sprout is in fact sprouting (unlike the last one, now dead), a few are mildly concerned that the sprouts coming off of the sprout look suspiciously like rocks. Argyroderma is of the opinion that this is perfectly normal, although its opinion is not entirely to be trusted as it stems from the family of “living stones” (Wikipedia has spoken). Both the twin tall purple things agree that these little gray nubs are simply not natural, and were the ones that initially raised the concern. The big cactus, slouching in agreement, encouraged the group to climb the dresser and consult the wizened bromeliad, whose response was:

because bromeliads don’t speak, silly.

The roots in question are documented below so you may give an impassioned opinion.


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