Eleven tiny cacti

No action for a couple days means time for…BACKSTORY!

As I have already mentioned, the eleven tiny cacti have been with us since the beginning and have had in the center of their midst a pink stone. They rooted once in the big pot, but when it came time to water the 10″ pot every day, I wanted to get these cacti out. Let me explain a little concept called root rot: water gets into soil -> cactus roots are wet -> more water gets into soil -> cactus roots stay wet -> cactus roots rot. Now in their new small pot on their own, the cacti have yet to re-root themselves. Why is there a pink rock in the middle of them? It was there in the bigger pot and I liked it. While there is most probably a deeper meaning, no one has bothered to let me know. When I become aware, rest assured, random internet reader, that you will be informed.

eleven angry men

Tri-force of cactus surrounding their pink rock


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