New adventurers join the party

A trip to Lowes produced some interesting specimens, as I will list out here.

The bigger cactus. Laid back and spiky, the bigger cactus sprouted from the realms of the Wild West’s Great American Desert. So sharp and pointy that no one will bother messing with him, he is surly, leaning up against the window in his private 4″ pot.

bigger cactus

Argyroderma. No, I can’t pronounce it either. The child is small and slow growing. Though petite, it is quite wizened and well versed. No one knows where it came from or where it will wonder too next, but it has graced our party with its presence for the time being.


The second little sprout. I definitely did not just pick this little guy out of a pot that had other things in it that I did not pay for and stick it in my pocket. Did not, nope, not me. Purple and pink, this little baby is already looking better than her predecessor. No one tell her about what happened to that one…

sprout #2

Also acquired from Lowes were five 4″ pots and tray things, a 6″ pot and tray, a shovel (my family collectively has apparently lost ours), and a bag of cactus dirt.


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