The adventure begins!

Reaching the house the evening of August 17th, the adventurers landed in their new home. The 10″ pot contained two tall twiggy things with purple hear-shaped leaves, two short green leafy things, eleven teeny tiny cacti, and a sprout leaf shoot thing. They found a resting place on my desk for the night. The two purple sticky guys are tall and slim, and have a real knack for getting into trouble. The leafy green things are nice, abet highly ambitious and thirsty. The eleven teeny tiny cacti form guard around a precious pink stone in their midst, supposedly sacred to their order. Finally, the sprout leaf shoot thing. It is just chill’n in the dirt, not really doing anything or caring. I have been warned that it has a tendency wander into the neverlands.

Flower thing on the sticky plants Pot chill'n on my desk


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